A Guide to Canada’s Export Control List

‘Active cooling’ is a cooling technique for optical components using flowing fluids within the subsurface of the optical component to remove heat from the optic. 1-6.A.5.d.1.d.2.d. Does not apply to epitaxially-fabricated monolithic devices. 1-6.A.5.d.1.d.1.d. Multiple optical reflecting elements that can be individually and dynamically repositioned by the application of torques or forces to compensate for distortions in the optical waveform incident upon the mirror.

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‘Damage tolerant’ components are designed using methodology and substantiation to predict and limit crack growth. For “technology” for the repair of specified structures, laminates or materials, see 1-1.E.2.f. “Technology” according to the General Technology Note for the “development” of equipment or “software”, specified by 1-9.A.1.b., 1-9.A.4. To 1-9.A.12., 1-9.B. 1-9.D.4.b. “Software” incorporating “technology” specified by 1-9.E.3.h.

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To 1-9.A.11. ‘Test section size’ means the diameter of the circle, or the side of the square, or the longest side of the rectangle, at the largest test section location. Tools, dies or fixtures, for the solid state joining of “superalloy”, titanium or intermetallic airfoil-to-disk combinations described in 1-9.E.3.a.3. Or 1-9.E.3.a.6. For gas turbines. ‘Structural efficiency ratio (PV/W)’ is the burst pressure multiplied by the vessel volume divided by the total pressure vessel weight .

For “interleaved ADCs” or for “multiple channel ADCs” that are specified to have an interleaved mode of operation, the “sample rates”are aggregated and the “sample rate” is the maximum combined total rate of all of the interleaved channels. The Table refers only to triode, magnetron or reactive sputter deposition which is used to increase adhesion of the coating and rate of deposition and to radio frequency augmented sputter deposition used to permit vaporisation of non-metallic coating materials. Plasma Spraying is an overlay coating process wherein a gun which produces and controls a plasma accepts powder or wire coating materials, melts them and propels them towards a substrate, whereon an integrally bonded coating is formed. Plasma spraying constitutes either low pressure plasma spraying or high velocity plasma spraying.

And components therefor specially designed or ‘modified’ for military use. “Software” specially designed or modified for the “development”, “production” or “use” of equipment or materials, specified by 1-8.A., 1-8.B. Water tunnels designed to have a background noise of less than 100 dB (reference 1 µPa, 1 Hz) within the frequency range exceeding 0 Hz but not exceeding 500 Hz and designed for measuring acoustic fields generated by a hydro-flow around propulsion system models. Diver deterrent acoustic systems specially designed or modified atc coin rate to disrupt divers and having a sound pressure level equal to or exceeding 190 dB (reference 1 µPa at 1 m) at frequencies of 200 Hz and below. For electronic imaging systems specially designed or modified for underwater use incorporating “focal plane arrays” specified by 1-6.A.2.a.3.g., see 1-6.A.3.b.4.c. A ‘Read-Out Integrated Circuit’ (‘ROIC’) is an integrated circuit designed to underlie or be bonded to a “focal plane array” (“FPA”) and used to read-out (i.e., extract and register) signals produced by the detector elements.

If any axis of a machine model not specified by 1-2.B.1.a. To 1-2.B.1.c. “Technology” according to the General Technology Note for the “development” or “production ” of equipment or materials specified by 1-1.A.2. to 1-1.A.5., 1-1.A.6.b., 1-1.A.7., 1-1.B. or 1-1.C. ‘Previously separated’ is the application of any process intended to increase the concentration of the controlled isotope. ‘Solidify rapidly’ is a process involving the solidification of molten material at cooling rates exceeding 1000 K/sec.

1-5.A.4.b. Does not apply to systems or equipment specially designed for the “development” or “production” of a computing or communications device. There are 7 days in a week. And the fenix 7 Sapphire Solar multisport GPS watch is built to go strong for all of them. Since 1996 https://cryptolisting.org/ a 13-km reversible HOV facility in the median of Interstate15 in San Diego has been opened to solo drivers who pay a toll using electronic transponders. Since March 1998, users of the Express Lanes have been charged a toll that varies dynamically with the level of congestion.

I-15 Electronic HOT Lanes (http://argo.sandag.org/fastrak)

This paper discusses how some of Adam Smith’s ideas apply to road pricing. Although some of the issues and examples are outdated, many of the basic insights are still relevant. (/projects/trace/trace1.htm) provides costs of private road travel and their effects on demand, including short and long term elasticities.

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1-1.A.2.b.1. Does not apply to mechanically chopped, milled, or cut carbon “fibrous or filamentary materials” 25.0 mm or less in length. Controls do not apply to that “technology” which is the minimum necessary for the installation, operation, maintenance or repair of those items which are not controlled or whose export has been authorised. Unless otherwise specified, the export controls for military, dual-use and strategic items contained in this Guide apply to all destinations except the United States. Recognized EXCOL users can check the status of an export permit application on-line. Delivery time is estimated using our proprietary method which is based on the buyer’s proximity to the item location, the shipping service selected, the seller’s shipping history, and other factors.

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Traffic flow is monitored in the Express Lanes to ensure that service on the HOV lanes is maintained at free-flow conditions . Media response thus far has generally been positive. Some of the program’s revenues are used to fund a new express bus service. For the purposes of 2-10.a. And 2-10.d., specially designed components and related equipment for non-military “aircraft” or aero-engines modified for military use applies only to those military components and to military related equipment required for the modification to military use. Nuclear power generating equipment or propulsion equipment, specially designed for vessels specified in 2-9.a.

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‘Inner-loop’ refers to functions of “active flight control systems” that automate airframe stability controls. “Software” specially designed to decrypt “Satellite navigation system” ranging code designed for government use. 1-7.A.5.b. Does not apply to “satellite navigation system” receiving equipment that only uses components designed to filter, switch, or combine signals from multiple omni-directional antennae that do not implement adaptive antenna techniques.

For “lasers” specially designed for telecommunications equipment or systems, see 1-6.A.5. “Electronic assemblies” specially designed or modified for enhancing performance by aggregation of processors so that the ‘APP’ of the aggregation exceeds the limit in 1-4.E.1.b.1. “Electronic assemblies” specially designed or modified for enhancing performance by aggregation of processors so that the ‘APP’ of the aggregation exceeds the limit in 1-4.D.1.b.1.

Currently in North America, road user fees only cover about half of roadway expenditures , and less on congested urban corridors where roadway construction costs are particularly high. Congestion Pricing (i.e., higher rates during peak periods) can cause vehicle trips to shift from peak to off-peak periods. GPS is used to track vehicle location. Data are automatically transmitted to a central computer that bills users.

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This does not release such “technology” controlled in entries 1-1.E.2.e. And 1-1.E.2.f . And 1-8.E.2.a. And 1-8.E.2.b. Estimated delivery dates – opens in a new window or tab include seller’s handling time, origin postal code, destination postal code and time of acceptance, and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment.

Impacts on total travel depend on the price structure and the quality of alternatives. Table 4 illustrates the appropriate scale of various pricing strategies. Pricing all roads in an area, such as a central business district. To reduce congestion on major roadways or urban centers.

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For “fibrous or filamentary materials” used in the manufacture of body armour and helmets, see entry 1-1.C.10. For weapon systems using sub-calibre ammunition or employing solely chemical propulsion, and ammunition therefor, see 2-1. Do not incorporate weapons specified by the Munitions List, unless inoperable and incapable of being returned to operation.

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Pingers specially designed for relocating or returning to an underwater position. Includes “information security” technical data resulting from procedures carried out to evaluate or determine the implementation of functions, features or techniques specified in Category 5 – Part 2. Specially designed or modified to reduce the compromising emanations of information-bearing signals beyond what is necessary for health, safety or electromagnetic interference standards. For “technology” for the “development” or “production” of non-telecommunications equipment employing a “laser”, see 1-6.E. For the purposes of 1-5.A.1.d. Applies only to “electronic assemblies” and programmable interconnections not exceeding the limit specified by 1-4.A.3.b.

  • Fuze setting devices specially designed for ammunition specified by 2-3.a.
  • ‘Transmit/receive modules’, or ‘transmit modules’, or ‘transmit/receive MMICs’ or ‘transmit MMICs’ may or may not have N integrated radiating antenna elements where N is the number of transmit or transmit/receive channels.
  • ‘Primary flight control’ is “aircraft” stability or manoeuvring control using force/moment generators, i.e. aerodynamic control surfaces or propulsive thrust vectoring.
  • Firearms, not specified by 2-1.a., 2-1.b., 2-1.c.

The “focal plane array” incorporates an active mechanism that forces it to be permanently inoperable when removed from the camera for which it was intended. Incorporates an active mechanism that forces the camera not to function when it is removed from the vehicle for which it was intended. For the purpose of this entry, digital video cameras should be evaluated by the maximum number of “active pixels” used for capturing moving images.

As time has passed, however, city residents’ views of the programme have become more favourable, among both car commuters and others. 1.7 A conservative analysis of the benefits of network tolling in the Puget Sound region indi­cates that the present value of net benefits could exceed $28 billion over a 30-year period. 1.3 The scale of the revenues confirms the theoretical expectation that “optimal” tolls would support expanding transportation supply when and where it is needed most. 1.1 Motorists made small-scale adjustments in travel that, in aggregate, would have a major effect on transportation system performance. Kockelman and a group of graduate students in the civil engineering department are surveying people around the city to get answers to some of their questions.

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